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Why Fixed Matches Should Be Avoided

These days we read everywhere on the internet that there are football matches through which it is possible to make easy money. To clarify I am not referring to those predicted by the tipsters but to those that are the so-called fixed matches.

This fake information, which of course is offered in exchange for money, unfortunately is offered in various ways. For instance it may be through websites but also individuals via facebook profiles and more generally through any means of communication available on the internet today. Needless to say right away that these means are a fraud against thousands of unwitting gamblers looking for places where to place bets at best odds.
Despite this, we continually receive questions on this topic, which we have decided to answer once and for all.

Do Fixed Matches Exist?

Fixed matches and more generally sports fixing, to be honest, have always existed especially in the soccer world and will always exist. However, what does not exist is cheap information about their existence. Surely if someone asks you for a small fee for the information, he is nothing more than a scammer. Regardless of the fact that this is an illegal practice to say the least, access to this type of information is certainly not within everyone’s reach. Above all surely not for a few pennies, precisely because of the high risk it brings.

Consequently thinking to know in advance the outcome of a match following an agreement between the two clubs for a few tens of dollars is naive. So the answer to the question of whether fixed matches exist is yes, but they certainly don’t tell us!

Which Is The Best Site For Fixed Matches And What Are The Fixed Matches For Today Or Is It Possible To Have Daily Fixed Matches Tips?

The answer to the second question is inherent in the first. There is no site where you can find reliable information on match fixing. Because is an illegal activity, just ask yourself if it is possible to buy cocaine legally on the net to give yourself an answer … Consequently reliable sites don’t exist (cannot be reliable by definition) that offer this type of updated information (therefore neither for today or never …). The truth is that they are all scammers.

How Does Match Fixing Work?

In theory, match-fixing assumes that some players or even both teams in full agree on the evolution of the game and its conclusion. What is sold online, however, is quite another thing called scam. Some of you – I imagine – will continue to wonder how they can be dismissed as quickly as scammers. How is it possible if there is who won (and maybe you know friends who did) with this information ?. Well, winning with this information is possible, but it is only a temporary victory that always precedes inexorably a loss.

A Marketing Operation

At the base of the match fixing mechanism there is first of all a huge marketing operation. It is aimed at attracting as many unsuspecting gamblers as possible, through the common channels of the internet. For example, they often claim the existence of a betting network from which information is collected to give greater credibility to the transaction. Let’s assume that at a given moment there are 2,000 users ready to receive the information.

The Scam: Phase 1

In the first phase, information is usually provided free of charge with the commitment – in case of winning – to pay who provided the information. At this time, the person offering the information appears in absolute good faith since the payment is made retrospectively. Many will therefore fall into the trap since information is free and payment will only be due in retrospect if successful.

The information provider then divides the 2,000 users into two groups. First 1,000 users for example will be informed to bet on the over 2.5 goals. The second 1,000 users will be told to bet on the under 2.5 goals (sometimes Fixed Matches HT FT are used). In any case, at least 1,000 users are sure to win because they are betting on both results…

The Scam: Phase 2

Those who – after the match – have lost will obviously abandon the service (unless they are masochists). While the 1,000 winners will be happy to pay for the winning information received: even just $ 10 equals $ 10,000 profit for the scammer.
At this point the prey is captured: the 1,000 who have won will be willing to pay more money (for example $ 50) for another winning information. In this way, who provides the information will be able to obtain another $ 50,000. Once again, the 1,000 users will be divided into two groups of 500, one on the over and the other on the under 2.5 goals.

The Scam: Phase 3 And Following

Once again, at least 500 users will win (luckily), and the informant will gain more and more power in their eyes. This will then make it easy to ask them $ 100 for the next information, getting $ 50,000 again.
The mechanism, as you understand, will repeat itself until only 1 winning player remains and in the meantime the information provider will continue to receive money.
Once the list is exhausted the process will start over again with thousands of other soccer betting fanatics.

In Conclusion

At this point, dear members of the Resistance, you understand how deception works and why someone believes it really works. And it actually works … but not for you but. Infact it works for those who provide the information because it is a fraud. This is the reason because they are the only ones who are able to make money from it… So stop dreaming: football fixed matches bets don’t exist.

So in conclusion, I invite you to stay away from this criminal activity.  Because it is as fraudulent as well as highly illegal, so much so that it is strongly fought by the betting industry.

If you are looking for tips on how to bet rather rely on my tips. They are based on a solid betting strategy for matches predictions to get a long-term profit. As you’ll see football advice betting tips can only be based on math and statistics. A serious tipster does not offer fixed games.

To deepen the topic you can consult this page on wikipedia. While if you want to read a chronicle episode that describes how fixed soccer matches actually happen you can consult this article (which in particular also talks about how soccer fixed bets were made).



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