Can I place the tips on bookmakers other than the one indicated?
It is possible to do so on condition that the odds are equal to or higher than the minimum price indicated otherwise a profit will not be generated in the long term.
Does BIA identify winning bets?
Bia does not identify the WINNING bet but the one whose odds are of value, which therefore may not be favored, but in the long run betting on them will still produce a profit. For more info read the blog article on value bets, click here.
What is the average return on BIA?
Our experiments revealed a yield higher than 8% of total amount bet (Yield): that is to say that for every € 100 played, an average of more than € 8 is won.
How many value bets are published daily?
At least 20 tips are published every day. They are all available for the War General and the Renegade Hacking Raider, while for the Campaign Colonel the number of tips is equal to 10.
What time do you post the tips?
The tips for the next day are posted by 24:00 utc.
Do I have to make all the bets that BIA sends and do I have to open accounts with all bookmakers?

It is absolutely not mandatory to bet them all, nor to open accounts on all the bookmakers used by BIA. In fact, the tests confirm that in the long run – being all the bets of value – you will still profit regardless of the frequency of the bets. Clearly, the principle applies for everyone to make the bets he can place based on the time he can spend on this source of income: obviously the greater the number of bets made, the greater the gain and the shorter the loss periods.

It is also obvious that by opening accounts with many bookmakers you will have greater earning opportunities as you will maximize profits in the long run.

How much capital is needed to get started?
You can start with any capital, there is no minimum bankroll. However, it should be borne in mind that too small capitals may not allow you to place the recommended bets due to the minimum bet required by the bookmakers.
Exactly how much should you bet?

The strategy involves modulating the bets based on the value (edge) in relation to the odds offered by the bookmaker.

To determine the individual bet based on the available bankroll, all you have to do is multiply the stake as a percentage by your cash = ex. stake 2% with cash $ 300 = 2% x 300 or 0.02 x 300 or 2 x 300: 100 = which in all cases makes $ 6.

If the result produces decimals it can be rounded to the nearest integer: 2.4 becomes 2; 2.6 becomes 3.

If the result is less than the minimum allowed by the bookmaker, it is advisable to bet the minimum anyway.

To maximize profits, it is a good rule to update the bankroll at least once a day, adding up all the amounts available on the accounts of the various bookmakers and all the amounts in play (bets in progress). Alternatively, this operation can be carried out weekly. Finally, if you do not have enough time available for this update, you can limit to keeping the bankroll fixed and betting in proportion as indicated in the first paragraph.

Which bets progression system does BIA use?

BIA adopts the split Kelly system for the management of bets, with which multiple advantages are achieved.

Taken a bankroll established by the bettor, the Kelly method compares the odds offered by the book (higher) with the real one (lower) and based on the ratio that comes out determines a stake proportionate to the cash available, so that you never run the risk of losing all the capital. Based on Kelly’s formula:

stake% of bankroll = (((odds offered by book x (1: odds processed by BIA)) – 1): (odds offered by bookie – 1)) x 100

By virtue of this formula, a higher percentage is played in the most favorable situations (example: price paid by the bookmaker is 2.00 while for the software the correct one should be 1.90) and less in unfavorable ones (example odds offered by the book 2.00, real odds 1.99).

As suggested above, furthermore, by periodically updating the bankroll we will obtain a capitalization of the earnings. If you do not withdraw your winnings but keep them in cash, you will enjoy the benefits deriving from the compound interest.


If you win 10% of $ 100 in the first month, you will have $ 110 at the start of the second month.

By performing the bets as indicated, the second month, for example, you still earn 10% of the bankroll ($ 110) at the beginning of the third you will have $ 121.
By maintaining the same profit conditions at the beginning of the fourth month you will get $ 133.10;

at the start of the fifth $ 146.10,

at the beginning of the sixth $ 161.00 and so on. In this way, after 5 months, a profit of $ 61 was gained instead of just $ 50 if the bankroll had been kept constant.

How do subscriptions work and what are the differences?

To take advantage of the BIA tips, you can choose between three different profiles:

– the War General at a discounted price of €49 per month, to access an average of 20 high-yield daily tips;
– the Campaign Colonel at a discounted price of €29 per month, to access an average of 10 daily high-yield tips;
– the Renegade Hacking Raider, at a discounted price of €5, with which you can access all the tips of the War General for a day.

All value bets are available in the reserved area of each user where they can be freely consulted at any time.

The purchase can be made by credit card or paypal.

How many times can the Renegade Hacking Raider be purchased?
The Renegade Hacking Raider can be renewed as many times as you want.
How do I interpret BIA’s tips?

A value bet must be interpreted as follows: